World Mechanics


Many humans died after failling to cover their needs

Someone is required to eat. Not eating for 2 days straight will cause the Hunger state for the character. For each day that the Hunger State Remains the Character’s Max HP are reduced by 3. Dying or eating a ration will remove the state. Each day the character eats a ration his Max Hp regains 2 HP ( If HP max isn’t Original HP max).

Every day in game time requires a bottle of water. failure to hydrate will half movement speed and if not hydrated by 3 days in game time, death.

Need a place for full Rest, sleep, 2 Days sleeping out of a secure location causes your perception check to be at disadvantage. 3 days results in disadvantage to all rolls.


Illnesses have been a threat for ages. Without proper care even a cold can lead to death

Causes your thirst to double, I.e. need to hydrate in 10 and 20 turns

Vomiting and tiredness, causes you to not be able to eat (see hunger).. and not get restful sleep (see sleep).

You’ve been bitten, or died- and the process starts with fever, then the flu, then death, then your a zombie.

World Mechanics

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