George Kalopedakis


Age : 28
Nation of origin : Greece, Crete
Languages: Greek, English, Japanesse.
Gender : Male

Personality Trait:
-I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong. Also I am slow to trust government officials and police officers (Not to say I abhor them).
-Always carries a pen with him.

Independence – No one tells me what to do

Bond :
Someone I loved died because of a mistake I have made (Mistake: trusting the police).
That will never happen again.

I am suspicious of other strangers and I except the worst of them. No one is my friend unless he proves his loyalty ( Tested members of the organisation by having them steal the Uranium bomb and through other tasks , they are most likely dead now )

Apocalypse Day 1:
After some days the militarry started clearing out the city. Thinking they were seaching for the Uranium bomb, he and the other members of the organisation boarded a train leaving the city to escape. The bomb was well hidden, but they weren’t so sure if they were clean (of evidence).

George Kalopedakis

The Ambulatory Non-Living Karkuss