Battle Mechanics

Attacks against Zombies
Roll Result / Effect

  • 1 – 5 / Attack Missed
  • 6 / Left Leg
  • 7 / Right Leg
  • 8 / Left Arm
  • 9 / Right Arm
  • 10 – 17 / Torso Hit
  • 18 – 20 / Head Hit

On level 1 Zombie:

Head Hit deals enough Damage to Kill the Zombie
Torso has 4 Hit Points. When Torso HP = 0 , the Zombie falls Prone , movement becomes 0
and has Disadvantage .
If Zombie is not killed within 3 rounds its Balance returns .
When a zombie is Prone, it is killed with a roll of 5 + .

Zombie Actions and Abilities

Grab: zombie attempts to grab you, must succeed on a attack roll above targets AC, with a -2 mod. at lvl 1 if grab is successful target must roll a str save of 12 or higher or else is caught in a grab, then a 6 sided die is rolled to determined where the zombie has you, 1-head 2-torso, 3-right arm, 4-left arm, 5-right leg, 6-left leg, note if zombie catches your leg means the zombie has fallen prone. if zombie rolls a natural 20, you fall prone with zombie on top of you, str save must also be a 20 in this situation.

Bite: 1d4 – melee attack, mod is -2 to attack roll, range 5 ft(if target is caught in a grab and in range zombie is at advantage on this roll) if bitten target has 5 turns until wound causes fever, 5 more turns until wound causes flu, and 5 more turns until death

Scratch : 1d4 attack roll -2 mod, with natural 20 roll scratch breaks skin and leaves a chance at infection.

Food Sensory: innate ability to always be hungry and senses where it meal is, via , sound, smell, or sight.

Battle Mechanics

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